The jewellery brand created by international designer

Building brand differentiation requires systematic and scientific reshaping of brand value. For example, product story, product technology, product exclusive age, fashion of product wear, product identity magazine, etc. For consumers, how to use their distinctive products, scenes, services and experiences to touch their hearts is the key factor they care about.

Alice jewellery (ALICE), a new British jewelry brand, is based on the Hongkong layout of the Greater China, based on years of exploration and experience, breaking out of a different model of development: adhering to the original design style, integrating the resources of the world’s excellent designers, and designing the emotional works of research and development into love and beauty. It presents a unique style of combination of classical nobility and liberalism, attracting countless brave, self-confident, independent and noble modern fashion women, and achieving the “difference” of the brand itself.

Alice jewelry brand name as “international designer brand”, because almost all of the design will be affected by the trend, but the real design should be countercurrent and lead the trend. Designers are like a group of people who “go upstream” on the pilgrimage road. They use imagination and creativity to change the world.

Therefore, in the early period of the brand creation, Alice jewelry began to search all the world’s outstanding designers, let the jewelry design from life to return to life, let each piece of jewelry have temperature and touch, and make a happy interpretation of the happiness of family, friendship and love.

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