The service of rent jewelry

In the report of the government work in 2016, it was emphasized that we should vigorously promote the rapid development of the “new economy”, including the sharing of the economy and so on. With the sharing of economy, the capital Carnival and the sustained force of “sharing jewels” have caused a stir in the jewelry industry. When the online sharing jewelry platform came into being one after another, the offline shop also launched the “sharing jewelry” brand. Hung Lai Fu Group believes that the core of shared jewelry or time sharing leasing mode, in the new bottle of old wine, can this shared jewellery develop for a long time?

Recently, the business model of shared economy has penetrated into all kinds of industries from consumption to production, and has effectively promoted industrial innovation and transformation and upgrading. Internet plus era, development of mobile terminals, networking and cloud computing, provides more likely to share innovation and application mode, strategic emerging industry, how to make full use of the sharing mode of business model innovation, has important strategic value, is seen as the traditional jewelry industry needs innovation and sharing of the air Strong power, only a combination of the two “sharing jewelry” mode.

With the promotion of consumption power and the enrichment of social resources, “possession” is no longer the most valued index of people. Sharing is the main theme of the moment.

From the market, Hong Lai Fu Group has learned that some of the foresight enterprises have been actively laying out new industrial models and applying advanced ideas to their own development. Jiangxi Hung Lai Fu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has made its own views on the shared economy, and Hung Lai Fu Group believes that the traditional industry should embrace the Internet, rather than the Internet industry. Only by constantly innovating and subverting ourselves can we always maintain the vitality and development power of enterprises. It is a good thing to share jewellery for the use of expensive jewellery, but there are still some problems in the development. Hsu Tong said that this sharing is actually a concept of split rent, and people usually wear precious jewellery on special occasions.

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