Famous Belgian jewelry designer

Veerle Van Wilder, the former chief designer of the Cartire Swiss Design Center, and a professor of the Royal Institute of jewelry in Antwerp, Belgium, has 35 years of experience in the design and teaching of independent jewelry.

The reporter saw in the class that the students drew a series of jewelry patterns on the paper, and after Veerle Van Wilder, they used copper wire and wax instead of precious metals and jewels to make a jewelry model.

HRD Antwerp, the head of the Great China District of the Belgium diamond high level parliament, Wang Yichun, introduced the rapid growth of diamond consumption in China in recent years. China has been a market that any diamond enterprise in the world can’t ignore. In addition, the consumption of precious stones has also emerged in China. He believes that China’s jewelry industry needs more complementary talents to identify and design talents that are in line with international standards.

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