International Jewellery Exhibition has attracted more and more people

In recent days, the Tianjin International Jewellery Fair has presented a sparkling feast for people in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Many people come to appreciate collection of jewelry and jewelry, with well-known jewelry designers at home and abroad to understand the latest jewelry design trend, select the favorite treasure.

Reporters at the scene yesterday saw the most popular jewellery in the exhibition area of Taiwan. Many old customers went straight to the familiar business booth and picked up jewelry, so that some booths were crowded. Many Taiwan China exhibitors brought jade, coral, color red sapphire and heavy sea pearls are particularly popular in him. Among them, the high grade jadeite pendant and egg number ring price to about one hundred thousand yuan by the female customers. Ms. Lin is the daughter of the people chose a Taiwan famous designer diamond “lucky bag shaped jade pendant. “This is the dowry for her, representing my blessing. I hope she can pass this treasure on to the next generation and happiness from generation to generation.” She said with a smile.

According to Ms. Zhang Jinju, a famous jewelry designer in Taiwan, the consumers in Tianjin do understand jewellery more and more. The high-end jewelry she brought to her has reached the level of the famous auction house. For example, the price of aka grade coral in Taiwan has been greatly increased every year because of the scarcity of raw materials. Millions of dollars have been reached. In addition, there are also a few smaller Jade Jadeite, which is also loved by Tianjin collectors. For example, a new type of jade from Burma is a new type of jade with less output. The color is gray and the material is clear and clear. In the international market, the Tibetan family invites famous designers to create personalized jewelry. There are also some emerald jewelry that break through the traditional themes. For example, in the emerald works designed by famous designers, there are bull heads (homophonic twisting) and flying dragon modeling. Many jewelry works are also designed as pendants and brooches, which are novel and lively.

Natural coloured gemstones from Sri Lanka are also popular among buyers. Mr. Wang, an exhibitor from Sri Lanka, told reporters that the Chinese market is becoming more and more important. Tianjin customers are very fond of natural red sapphire, but there are gems in the market both at home and abroad. He is very grateful to many professionals of the national gold and silver jewelry quality inspection and inspection at the exhibition. Guests provide identification services to ensure that everyone can buy high quality genuine products. The Tianjin market gives people confidence.

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