The second gold jewelry design competition

In order to carry forward the traditional golden culture, look for the new design of gold jewels, promote the exchange of gold and jewel culture, and build a platform for the common development and common development of the designers and enterprises, industries and markets. The Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, the China Gold Association and the Shandong inviting Gold Group Co., Ltd. are the host units. Dong Zhao gold and silver Building Co., Ltd., as an undertaking unit, holds the second golden jewelry design competition for gold and silver building cup, which provides a display of talent and a stage for the professional practitioners of jewelry design.

The design theme of this competition is “grasp the mainstream of fashion, create a classic of the world” (Shi Yi: stand in the forefront of fashion jewelry design, aggregate the heavy accumulation of traditional Chinese gold culture, endow the “hundred years” brand fashion, heritage, classic, more broad extension and connotation. In particular, the theme of the Mid Autumn Festival and the golden age of the new year is designed to find the beauty of the new spring, to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and folk feelings, to wake up the memory, to return to the culture, to express the cultural artistic conception of reunion, ritual and blessing.

Excavate new varieties and new ideas of gold jewellery, encourage the creative activities of jewelry design talents, find the new strength of gold jewelry design, enrich the cultural connotation of gold jewelry and jewellery. The competition is devoted to building a professional platform for the creative design of gold jewellery, and exploring the development of gold jewelry design industry. The new trend of the exhibition, excavate the design potential, launch new new work, build a communication platform, promote multiple interaction, promote the development and progress of gold jewellery industry, guide the new fashion and consumption trend of gold jewellery.

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