International gold and jewel jade exhibition

Jewelry has become the endorsement of lifestyle, the portrayal of personality style, and the equipment of fashion charisma. Contemporary tide people are attached to jewelry and jewelry. It can be seen that jewelry is no longer an ornament for pressing the bottom of the box, nor is it a tool for investing in the market. Jewelry has become the endorsement of lifestyle, the portrayal of personality style, and the equipment of fashion charisma. Contemporary tide […]

The jewellery brand created by international designer

Building brand differentiation requires systematic and scientific reshaping of brand value. For example, product story, product technology, product exclusive age, fashion of product wear, product identity magazine, etc. For consumers, how to use their distinctive products, scenes, services and experiences to touch their hearts is the key factor they care about. Alice jewellery (ALICE), a new British jewelry brand, is based on the Hongkong layout of the Greater China, based on years of exploration and […]

The service of rent jewelry

In the report of the government work in 2016, it was emphasized that we should vigorously promote the rapid development of the “new economy”, including the sharing of the economy and so on. With the sharing of economy, the capital Carnival and the sustained force of “sharing jewels” have caused a stir in the jewelry industry. When the online sharing jewelry platform came into being one after another, the offline shop also launched the “sharing […]

The most popular spring and summer jewellery in 2018

At the end of the year, four fashion weeks are the most exciting events in the fashion world. In these fashion weeks, fashion makers can not only grasp the fashion trends of the next quarter, but also see the latest fashion trends of jewelry and make them come to the forefront of fashion in the next season and attract the crowd. The eye of a man. Of course, it seems a little difficult for us […]

Famous Belgian jewelry designer

Veerle Van Wilder, the former chief designer of the Cartire Swiss Design Center, and a professor of the Royal Institute of jewelry in Antwerp, Belgium, has 35 years of experience in the design and teaching of independent jewelry. The reporter saw in the class that the students drew a series of jewelry patterns on the paper, and after Veerle Van Wilder, they used copper wire and wax instead of precious metals and jewels to make […]

International Jewellery Exhibition has attracted more and more people

In recent days, the Tianjin International Jewellery Fair has presented a sparkling feast for people in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Many people come to appreciate collection of jewelry and jewelry, with well-known jewelry designers at home and abroad to understand the latest jewelry design trend, select the favorite treasure. Reporters at the scene yesterday saw the most popular jewellery in the exhibition area of Taiwan. Many old customers went straight to the familiar business […]

Original design of Chinese jewelry

As the new star of the Chinese jewelry industry, the chairman Zhao Hongchun would like to create a world-class jewelry brand for China, so that all the people in the world think of jewellery and think of Bahmer, and Bahmer will think of China. Bahmer confirmed the importance of the original design for the brand through his own practice, and also hoped that the original design could be used as the core of the development […]

The second gold jewelry design competition

In order to carry forward the traditional golden culture, look for the new design of gold jewels, promote the exchange of gold and jewel culture, and build a platform for the common development and common development of the designers and enterprises, industries and markets. The Chinese jewelry and jade jewelry industry association, the China Gold Association and the Shandong inviting Gold Group Co., Ltd. are the host units. Dong Zhao gold and silver Building Co., […]

Jewellery Exhibition

China is the world’s largest platinum consumer country, jade and jade market, and the second largest gold market in the world. It is also the largest diamond market in Asia, as well as a real pearl power. In recent years, the total sales volume of China’s jewelry industry has been growing at an annual rate of over 15%, with an annual export growth exceeding 20%. The 2018 China International Jewellery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as […]